Ladies Costume Jewelry

Fashion jewelry or costume jewelry is accessible in a range of sparkling designs, patterns and colours in the fashion marketplace these days. Gone are the days, when jewelries like gold or silver chains, earrings or bangles were quite popular. Nowadays the market is flocked with a wide array of fashion jewelry, in traditional & modern both designs. These are known to flatter one’s look & style.

Fashion Jewelry Overview:
Fashion jewelry also called imitation, fake or junk jewelry, is different from real jewelry, mostly kept as collectibles, keepsakes or investments. Nowadays, women costume jewelry is quite popular & used to add to fashion & style. These charms can be put on formal & regular events, social events and parties. Fashion jewelry pieces are made from glass beads, woods, bone, brass, synthetic stones, terracotta, brass, and other materials. Such types of trinkets are different from real jewelries in the sense that the raw materials used to make these pieces are easily accessible & cheap.

Types of Fashion Jewelry:
There are numerous types of fashion jewelries. Some of the types of fashion jewelries include:

  • Fashion Bangles
  • Ladies Anklets
  • Fashion Bracelets
  • Fashion Earrings
  • Fashion Brooches
  • Fashion Finger Rings
  • Fashion Necklaces
  • Fashion Toe Rings
  • Fashion Hair Combs
  • Fashion Nose Rings

History & Origin of Women’s Fashion Jewelry:
Fashion jewelries are almost as old as human civilization. Embellishments with different accessories date back to around 3500 BC, when ladies put on jewelries during religious rituals. It was just common conviction that trinkets warded off evil, & brought good fortune to the wearer. The women during those centuries, used to wear simple jewelry with teeth, claws, & bones of animals.

Later, they started making jewelries from the wood, ivory, and metal. These were also made from stringing pebbles onto the reeds or jute. Shells were fixed together to make bracelets and necklaces. Wires were also used to make fashion jewelry with unsophisticated, yet natural designs of animals, leaves and flowers.

Native Americans trinkets featuring primitive beads are still popular. Other materials used to make jewelries include delicate fish bones, bird feathers, human hair, berries, beetle’s wings, and so on.

Fashion jewelry came into limelight with the evolvement of the middle class during 19th century. This is the period in which the imitation of real jewelries gained popularity. Gemstones were substituted with synthetic stones. Foils were integrated under the synthetic stones to give a rich glow to a particular jewelry piece. Base metals such as brass and copper were introduced in place of gold & silver. Such jewelries were favorite amongst people as these were not just appealing but cheaper too.

Demand for Fashion Jewelry:
Fashion jewelry stands for a brand new fashion trend. It ends elegancy and stylishness to a woman’s look, besides boosting her beauty. Nowadays, these trinkets are being used widely so as to match a lady’s outfit, and to add spark to her persona. It is also used to flaunt a stylistic statement of sorts, echoing the status, mood, culture, or attitude of the user.

There is a high demand in the market today for costume jewelry. Well renowned brands & designers like Christina Dior, Swarovski, Tiffany and Coco Chanel have introduced captivating jewelry pieces. These can be found in different designs, styles as well as pricing tags so as to satisfy each section of society.

Initially such types of trinkets were designed to help common people to get affordable jewelries when they couldn’t go for real jewelries. But, nowadays these are also chosen by famous celebrities and renowned people. In some cases, there are those fashion jewelries that even exceed the price tags of fine jewelries. Such pieces have found their way into homes & wardrobes of many fashion minded young ladies.