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Fashion Necklaces

Costume jewelry necklaces are something that women of all ages love to add in their wardrobe. Necklaces are those adornments that women use to embellish their necks, and are available to go with all occasions. A choker or a jewelry piece worn around the neck may either have lovely designs throughout, or have a plain chain with a pendant in the center.

Materials Used in Fashion Jewelry Necklaces: A wide range of materials are used to make exquisite handcrafted as well as machine-made necklaces. Some of these materials are given below:

  • Metal
  • Hemp
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Horn
  • Bone
  • Leather
  • Shell
  • Stone
  • Cloth
  • Clay
Varieties of Fashion Jewelry Necklaces: The most regular types of costume jewelry necklaces that women drool for are listed below:

Chocker: Chokers or choker necklaces are put on high up the neck, fitting tightly around it, that's why it is called choker. A chocker necklace might goes up to 14-16 inches in length. Women can adorn their necks with this jewelry piece on casual and formal events. The trend of this necklace took place as a result of the practice of binding ribbon around the neck during French Revolution. Chokers are obtainable adorned with beads, stones & even embroidery.

Princess Necklace: This jewelry pieces is the most chosen necklace among women. Princess necklace parks itself elegantly at the base of the neck, and is accessible in eye-catching designs. A princess necklace may or may not have a locket or pendant. It is approximately 17-19 inches long. The word ‘princess necklace’ means a type of necklace stands on its length, though it is even bemused with necklaces that have the word ‘princess’ on them, or a crown/princess pendant that contains in the center of an otherwise plain necklace.

Opera Necklace: These neck jewelries go well with all occasions. An opera necklace may go about 30 to 36 inches in length. These jewelry pieces are long, & harmonize flowing attire. Mostly beaded, these necklaces are occasionally tied into a knot at the torso. This inserts a bohemian effect to the entire costume.

Charm Necklace: These necklaces feature charms throughout the chain. The trinkets hang from little metal hoops from the necklace. Tiny charms in different shapes like hearts, flowers, dolphins, starfish, and skulls are used. Ladies also go for letter charms that spell their name or their loved ones. Occasionally, colored beads as well as sequins of all shapes & sizes are arranged & hooked up onto wire to give the charm necklace an exclusive look. Charm necklaces can be obtained in different lengths.

Dog Collar Necklace: These jewelries worn around neck are more or less like chokers. A dog collar necklace is broad with sophisticated designs. As the name implies, they have been inspired from dog collars. Well-liked designs contain studded collars with pendants or embroidered, or two corresponding metal chains connected to a huge pendant that parks itself high on the neck. These neck jewelries are often baffled with dog collars.

Designer Fashion Jewelry Necklaces: These necklaces are available in numerous designs as well as styles. The styles vary from the hottest craze to antique ones. These are jewelry necklaces for costumes that are made from leather, studded with artificial stones, while there are plain necklaces that contain a couple of ceramic beads hooped onto thin plastic threads. Even there are necklaces that have elaborate craftsmanship. However others are enameled or contain wearer’s name. Manufacturers and makers are flattering the masses with inventive & custom-made designs.