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Nose Rings

Nose rings-Go Trendy with Striking Nose Rings!

Even though, getting the nose pierced is painful idea, however the outcome makes women go gaga over this latest trend. Whether you are a young school girl or college girl or just a newly married bride, we know you like to flaunt the updated trends in nose rings. So, read on this article to know about everything from normal to stylish nose rings.

Nose rings are really in trend and have always been an important part of fashion stylish accessory. In India, nose rings have various connotations such as adding of an element or following old traditions. Nose jewelry can be small rings, little studs or even large hoops. Most of the Indian nose rings is made of items like gold, stainless steel, gold and silver. The best part is that, you can choose from huge collection of colors or stones embedded in them to augment the overall beauty and look. Here are few distinct types of nose rings that you can easily find in the market:

  • Nostril screw is a type of flat stick that is worn which is held by a screw. This could be a flower or stud, or any exclusive flat design.
  • Big gold hoops with pearl beads or semi-precious stones are often found to be worn out by Indian brides.
  • Septum rings are frequently sighted in customary south Indian religious and wedding functions. They are intricate golden rings that suspend from the bridge linking the septum or nostril.

Even though nose rings are very widespread in India, they in fact originated in the Middle East. Nose rings seem to be connected with the Hindu religion. However, the truth that Muslim ladies also wear nose rings at least to a certain extent. Nose rings first made their emergence when the Mughals ruled India.

These kinds of nose rings were actually minute ornamental patterns depicting a tiny flower and were held tightly in place by a screw in the interior. These were sometimes designed with fragile pendants or delicate chains. The nose rings were basically made either of diamond or gold and were in the form of a small flat disc.

The nostril rings also vie for attention. Few of them are so heavily ornamented with precious stones and pearls that they have to be supported by chains. The Bulak which is also quite common in India is also an ideal choice of most of the Indians. Stainless steel, titanium, gold, niobium and nickel are the common metals that nose rings are generally made up of. Sometimes, gems are also added to the nose rings to change its look.

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It is widely believed that the nose is solely for sensual breathing and smell only. But in well established practices, this theory demonstrates that it connects with sexual, emotional and romantic propositions too! That is what the attractive jewels and ornaments to the Nose actually causes - not only beautifying, but also considerably adds value to the married life! No doubt, it is an attractive and can emphasize the facial uplift of ladies, because nose is the important and prominent part overall ornaments adds value to the face. It also set the part of a women persona. So, when determining the right size of nose ring for you, take into account your work environment, personal taste and facial features.