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Fashion Toe Rings

Toe rings are dainty toe jewelries that are pretty embellishments for the feet. These are similar to little rings slipped easily into a woman’s toe. These cute tiny jewelries are attractive, and especially to finger rings. However, toe rings feature a small gap at the bottom that allows easy movement as well as better adjustability. While it is mandatory for Indian women to put on toe rings after marriage, these are taking the Western nations by storm.

Toe rings are the hottest style craze, & have booked their place in every lady’s wardrobe. Let’s have a closer look at these cuddly, sexy and attractive fashion accessories.

Fashion Toe Rings Materials: Fashion toe rings are made from various materials. Some of these materials are:

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Rubber

Types of Fashion Toe Rings: Here are some of the most popular toe rings:

Studded Toe Rings: These toe rings are available in plastic and metal. In order to embellish these toe rings in various patterns, colored rhinestones or plain white synthetic-stones are used. Other designs comprise stone studded in tiny grooves connected with stretchy materials. Women can wear studded toe rings on formal occasions as well as weddings as these add sparkle to women’s overall appearance.

Beaded toe Rings: these chic and stylish toe rings give grace to women’s feet when put on with open-toes sandals or shoes. These toe rings are commonly chosen to match the color or the costume worn. Plastic beads or glass beads of various colors are strung onto plastic/metal/glass toe-rings to provide them a chic and fancy look. Women put on beaded rings to casual & formal events for a touch of appeal.

Carved Toe Rings: These toe rings can be found in handcrafted as well as machine-made designs. Carved designs vary from conventional & elaborate ones, to the glitzy & funky kind. The carved patterns are sometimes encrusted with enamels too. Carved toe rings supply a fine connotation of classiness to the outfit worn. Women of all ages may find themselves drooling over carved toe rings that are fit for all occasions.

Coiled Toe Rings: These are famous as spiral toe rings. A spiral or coiled has always been linked with feminine power and the life cycle. These types of two rings commonly have a single stretchy wire of metal that is twisted into a coil. Innovative & exclusive designs include coiled snakes or tiny spirals joined to two parallel metal strings that join at the ends.

Designer Toe Rings: Toe rings can be obtained in various styles as well as designs. Going by the hottest trends, ladies get a lot of options when it comes to buy these fashion accessories. Enameled toe rings are made with designs that amplify the gorgeousness of ladies’ feet. Well-liked designs are butterflies, flowers, ladybugs, paws, hearts, leaves, angels and bones.

Even plastic toe rings are accessible in various colors with stretchy bands that fit cozily on toes. Makers of designer toe rings are offering custom-made toe rings that lend the wearer with an opportunity to epitomize their style statement.