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Fashion Belts

A stretchy band, generally created by making the use of some heavy cloth or leather material is described as a fashion belt, which is worn around the waist by women. These types of belts are mostly used as the integral part of most of the western dresses. Belts support the attires like dresses, jeans and trousers and these are also used as a fashion accessory. The belts are easily obtainable in various styles and shades. The different materials used to make the fashion belts are like Leather, Jute, Cloth, Velor, Velvet, Plastic and Silk etc.


  • Gaucho belts
  • Beaded belts
  • Fashion waist belts
  • Braided belts
  • Sash belts
  • Reversible belts

BELTS, A REQUIREMENT OR EMBELLISHMENT: From the time of the Bronze Age, belts have been noticed to be used for the clothing of both men and women. These belts are used by both the genders off and on, in accordance with the prevailing fashion trend. On the other hand, these belts were hardly found in a women’s wardrobe and was rarely worn by them. At the time of early middle ages, females use to wear these belts for the purpose of holding their attire in one place.

At the time of early seventeenth century, the belts were worn by the females during farming so as to tie their clothes together. A few of them use to trousers and belts were also being utilized to hold the attire on the waist. In the present scenario, belts were used as a fashion accessory. Presently, the narrow and wide belts were tasseled and loaded with a lot of beads.

These beads were wide or narrow and generally fitted in the inner side of the loops of belt. For a few years, the blouses and skirts were designed and adorned by making the use of belts. There was an assortment of designs for the fashion belts. The fashion belts that the females use to wear with skirts were mostly made of the matching cloth or some similar design. In the olden days, these belts merely served the purpose of decoration. Generally these belts were linked up with the military forces and said to be turned as a fashion requirement in 1900’s.