Sash Belts

Women sash belts (Obis) are used for Japanese Kimono. They are used to hold and tighten the Kimono and come up as rare apparel. As they’re worn on special occasions to catch the public attention in any ceremony, they need to be bought with huge consideration.

Basically to support the Kimono, they are worn around the waist.  Sash belts are a band of cloth or a colourful ribbon made up with high quality fabric and appear to be a perfect form of fashion wear for all those important occasion which need a special appearance

They make a woman look beautiful and attractive and these belts are efficient in catching the public attention in any ceremony. Sash belts usually come 4 meters long & 60 centimetres in width and folded into half & then wrapped twice around the waist to dress in as ceremonial apparel.  At the same time, sash belts could be 10 centimeters narrow or 30 centimeters wide.

Types of sash (obis) for women:
Obis are categorized as per their use, design, material and formality and for women, they come in many types:

Most for women: wide obis are made of brocade & narrower where simpler obis are made for everyday wear. Fanciest & colourful obis are good for young spinster women.

The modern women's obi is an extremely patent fashion accessory, sometimes even more so than the kimono robe itself. As compared to the rest of the entire outfit, formal obi could cost higher. Informal obis are narrower and shorter in design.