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Fashion Eyewear

Now that summer is at its peak, there is a need for you to acquire a few accessories. One of the most essential accessories of the season is a none other than a pair of sunglasses.

They not just protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays, but also enhance your overall look. Eyewear forms an integral part of all the fashion accessories for females. In the present scenario, women wear glasses as a tool for vision correction as well as fashion statement. Stylish and glamorous shades boost the overall personality of a lady. The sunglasses are styles in accordance with the changing demands of fashion wear for women and the other thing that matters is a women’s personal choice.

An assortment of eyeglasses is obtainable with the designer and most stylish frames, trendy sunglasses and the contact lenses with special effect. The contact lenses are offered in various shades and sometimes these are worn to match it up with the attire. These kinds of lenses are a perfect substitute to eyeglasses and females are increasingly making use of the contact lenses merely as a fashion accessory and also for the correction of vision defects. These lenses include a wide variety like the disposable lenses, toric lenses and daily wear lenses.

Women fashion shades are the most recent trend in the world of fashion. They describe the fashion statement of a female and symbolize her attitude and persona. The stylish shades are imperative to keep the person away from harmful effects of sun light and to complement the attire. The sunglasses are essential to wear due to health reasons and are also utilized to put off aging caused as a result of the natural elements.

  • Bifocal glasses
  • Anti-reflective coating glasses
  • Photo chromatic glasses
  • Reading and distance glasses
  • Polarized or transition lenses
  • Eyeglasses with soft plastic
  • Rimless glasses

THE EYE GLASS HISTORY: In the remains of prehistoric Nineveh, the initial known contact lens made by using the rock crystal was originated. Earlier, the lenses are used by the physicians for the purpose of cauterizing gashes. The first contact lens was believed to be introduced around 1000 AD. It was described as a reading stone and had a glass sphere that was positioned on the top of the material that has to be read. This lens magnified the written letters.

In the year 1352, the first artist to portray the eyeglasses was ‘Tommaso da Modena’. He painted picture of two brothers copying or reading the documents. In that picture one of the brothers was revealed to be sitting with a magnifying glass in his hand and the other boy was sitting with the glasses resting on his nose.

The first wearable eye glass was invented in 1284, in Italy by Salvino D’Armate. A new variety of reading glasses that included the double hinged side pieces was introduced somewhere around the year 1752 by James Ayscough. These contact lenses were made by making the use of tinted and clear glass. Ayscough recommended utilizing green & blue glasses rather than using the white clear glass because he felt that white glasses produced a glaring radiance that was awful for the human eyes. These lenses were recognized as the first sun glasses however, they were not at all meant to be used for the purpose of protecting eyes from sun light, but used for the purpose of vision correction.

The foremost pair of sunglasses was sold in New York around 1930’s by Sam Foster. A polarizing filter was discovered by Edwin Land around 1929’s. Therefore, it became a ground-breaking effort in the creation of the lenses for polarizing sunglasses that help in reducing the glare of light. In early 1940’s, a huge variety of contact lenses were obtainable. The lens variety was like the ground glass, plastic & glass, blown glass and molded glass. Later on, improvements were made in fitting & material of contact lenses and this advancement led to increase in the number of contact lens users in United States and that was near 6 million.

A number of transformations in designs of glasses and their frames have completely changed this invention into a necessity as well as a trend in the fashion industry.