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Fashion Tattoos

Tattoos are beautiful body art that makes an ultimate fashion statement. The fashion tattoos not just beautify the body but also depict the mental condition of a particular person. Most of the ladies have a preference to go with small tattoos designs while men want to show off huge dragon fly kind of designs to have a gothic outlook. In fact the tattoo designs differ in accordance with the masculine and feminine category. It is a painful process, besides it also requires special care and precaution once you are done with the tattooing. The popularity of tattoos among ladies is getting increased at an unparalleled rate. Over the past decade, the number of females lining up at the door of tattoo studios has considerably increased. Now, the fashion Tattoos have turned to be a mainstream fashion accessory for females, adopting the same category as handbags and shoes.

On the other hand, tattoos have always been popular among the ladies. Numerous years ago, tattoos were almost the particularly meant for men and just 10% of tattoos are belonged to the females. Presently, things are entirely different. The traditional stigmas and stereotypes have been completely swept and females have turned really confident to wear the desired body art with pride. The market for fashion tattoos has grown so rapidly that seventy percent of women have a tattoo.

But other than increment in the number of females who have got tattooed, the tattoo market for women has undergone a few significant changes are these are explained below:

TATTOO PLACEMENT Previously, women who wanted a tattoo have to it done on some body part that could remain hidden. But in the present scenario, women are really proud of their body art and place them in the portion that is more visible all the time. Nowadays, the most popular portions for the tattoo placement are lower back and stomach. This thing reflects that most of the females want to have the choice that whether they want to show off their body art or not. This also points out that most of the women are extremely confident that they can go for a more glamorous placement of their fashionable body art.

TATTOO DESIGNS Presently, the designs for body art chosen by the modern ladies are usually larger and really bolder. Increasingly, women are keen to experiment with the style and size of tattoos. The most famous designs foe body art include the following:

Angel and cherub: in case you are mesmerized by the angel, then you can undeniably go for the angel & cherub tattoo. These beautiful angels are believed to guard and defend the wearer and therefore they can be worn safely. Secondly, same as the cherub, cupid can also be decorated on the body as a fashion tattoo as it signifies the love. The designs for angel tattoo are required to be worn on the back as they are huge in size therefore need more space to make you look good.

Dragonfly: a person might wonder what imagery can be linked up with the modern dragonfly. However, it signifies the mystery, good luck, freedom and change. It is considered as a womanly symbol that signifies beauty and therefore, is a perfect kind of body art for females. As the dragonfly tattoo is not so huge in size, it can be inscribed on any of the body parts.

Dolphin: the dolphin is one of the most adorable creatures known to the human beings. It can also be utilized as a design to create some of the most amazing feminine tattoos. It is also known for its liveliness and joviality. The sailors also considered these as a sign for good luck as these are known to swim along every vessel in the entire ocean. These creatures hold back amazing colors and therefore, these can perfectly assist in the creation of a striking tattoo.

Kanji: these are the Japanese symbols that are utilized in the form of tattoo designs as every symbol puts forward a meaning. If you wish, you can go for the symbols that signify intelligence, cunning nature, anger, courage, calmness and other similar meanings. On the other hand, a person should be aware of the accurate meaning of the worn tattoo and should try not to get confused as these symbols seem to be really similar.

Vampire tattoo: it is not required for every lady to wear a delicate womanly looking figure as a body art. The people who have the right spirit and personality can definitely wear the vampire tattoos. So, in case you have a deep desire, then you have an assortment of tattoos to select from, starting from the Dracula body art to the most modern twilight ones. More to this point, you can even create your own nonfigurative art.

PRECAUTIONARY TIPS TO BE CONSIDERED WHILE YOUR BODY ART The first thing that has to be kept in mind is that you should be careful about the instruments used by the artist. Get certain about the fact that the instruments that the tattoo artist will utilize should to be sterilized and disposable. In addition to this, you should be watchful about the thing that the artist should make use of fresh ink for every different tattoo. The above discussed facts are extremely essential for a safe and septic free body art.

It is better to have a look at the signature designs of the tattoo that you are about you wear. This will serve you up with a brief idea regarding the expertise of the tattoo artist and therefore, it will turn to get really easy for you to take the right decision. The most important thing is that you should keep yourself totally relaxed while the process is going on. Finally, the most imperative measure that has to be kept in mind is that you should request the concerned artist to properly clean his hands using a sanitizer and cover his hands with latex gloves as it is an essential precaution to be considered.