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Fashion Gloves

Gloves cover complete hands and include separate openings or sheaths for each finger and the thumb. The gloves that have an opening but include no covering for the fingers are described as the fingerless gloves. Gauntlets are the gloves with large opening but no fingers. The fashion gloves that cover the complete hand but include no separate openings for each finger are recognized as the mittens.

This kind of fashion accessory (gloves) is mostly utilized for the purpose of providing warmth to hands. These are also worn as a style statement. The different materials used to make this fashion accessory are like velvet, wool, silk, acrylic, leather, rubber and lace. Most of the gloves include the lining of Velor satin or silk and occasionally it includes a padding also.

  • Formal gloves
  • Evening gloves
  • Semi formal gloves

Gloves can also be distinguished in accordance with the time when that they are worn. The fashion gloves to be worn with the semi-formal or formal dresses can be acquired in three different styles that are mentioned below:

Elbow length gloves: these types of women fashion gloves cover up the arm till the elbows.

Matinee gloves: these types of gloves are covered up till the wrist.

Opera gloves: these are the ones that cover up the complete arm and go over the elbow till the biceps.