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Fashion scarves

A scarf is generally a square shaped small piece of cloth. Usually, the scarves are narrow & long and mostly worn around the neck, head as well as some other body parts in accordance with the prevailing fashion. These are functional yet give a trendy appearance. The females add scarves to their attire to get the feeling of warmth and also to have a trendy outlook. In fact, this trendy looking piece of cloth is said to be an essential accessory to be worn as a fashion statement. The best fact about these fashion scarves is that these can be worn in any season.

During the winter season, this stylish looking piece of cloth is worn to guard the head & neck from piercing cold winds. In the cold weather, a knitted scarf or a muffler is also utilized as a protection from cold winds. During the summer season, these scarves can also be utilizes as a fashion accessory.

FABRICS USED FOR SCARVES: A huge variety of superior quality fabrics are used for the purpose of creating scarves of various patterns and designs. A few of the most commonly used fabrics are mentioned below:
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Wool