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Fashion shawls

Originally, the women Shawls were designed with the idea of protecting a person from freezing winters. But in the present scenario, this piece of cloth is not just a requirement but also a trendy looking fashion accessory for ladies. Presently, shawls are said to be the most superior fashion as this is offering a pretty and feminine outlook together with the functionality. The creatively designed and amazingly created women fashion shawls glorifies the special occasions. The designs and styles of these trendy looking women shawls are extremely attractive. These shawls for women are in trend since the olden times around the world.

THE HISTORY OF SHAWLS: Since the prehistoric days, shawls have been utilized as a piece of cloth to cover the upper part of the body as to keep away from the chilling winters. Though nobody is familiar with the exact foundation of shawls, this fact is clear that this style of cloth is being used since the prehistoric times. The practice of weaving shawls was famous in various Asian as well as the Western nations since the ancient days.

Since long, India has been linked up with manufacturing of the designer as well as the superior quality fashion shawls. The production of shawls in India has been flourishing from the time of Mughal Empire and at that time, the artisans introduced an assortment of creative styles and designs. The elite and ever appealing shawls from Kashmir, named as ‘pashmina’ had been an icon of fashion and class since a number of decades.