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Hand Embroidered Stoles

Be Stylish With Hand Embroidered Stoles

Today stoles are become the latest fashion accessory. Stoles can also be described as long, short, or narrow scarves; however they are bigger than the scarves but not as long in length as the normal shawls. Normally, Stoles are eight to ten cm wide and three to four meters long. They give very beautiful and sophisticated look to the wearer. Nowadays, girls just love wearing stoles on any of their outfits, weather they wear it on kurta or over a simple tee, they are indeed become the perfect stylish accessory. You can also wear them on casual as well as flashy formal gathering. They always give you a rich and sophisticated appeal.

Stoles for women always add elegance to their overall personality. You can wear stoles in numerous of ways, you can draped them around your shoulder, or you can tied them around your neck for a new and sassy chick look. You can also wear stoles on your shoulder for a classic casual effect.  Today our fashion market is all fueled up with different shapes and sizes of stoles, like, stripped/ check stoles; plain stoles and hand embroidered stones.

Today hand embroidered stoles are very much in vogue, they convey a subtle and sophisticated look to a women’s personality. You can get hand embroidered stoles in handloom or woven fabrics. They are made up of decorative metallic or silky threads. All these beautiful thread work add a very beautiful sheen to the stoles.  The designs of hand embroidered stoles are vary from simple to painstakingly intricate to colorful designs. They all are designed in uncommon patterns and often designed with beautiful combination of different stitches and pattern.

Hand embroidered stoles not only delivers a comfort of wearing but they also serve a remarkable fashion statement.  These stoles are made with materials like ravon, silk, georgette, wool and viscose.  The stoles are decorated with ethnic designs, floral patterns, contemporary motifs and mythological themes. They are embellished with mirror work, beads and sequins, and available in patchwork or in plain cloth.

Handmade embroidery stoles are popular in all over the world, their artistic embroidery is a breathtaking and living art. People specially come to India for buying these types of special stoles. There many types of embroidery that you can look up in a stole have a look!

ARWORK: in this type of work the needles use in are like small hook, in which the thread remains under the particular fabric. Entire process takes place with the help of hook, which pulls it into the fabric and then the stitch design gets created. It takes more than 6 months for a craftsman to create the whole artistic piece.

The single thread embroidery:  this creates a versatile effect on the fabric which is totally depending on how it’s used. The craftsman creates a dynamic designs and patterns, and at times it becomes really very difficult to figure out a single mistake from the design.

Paper MACHE: paper mache is known as a design which creates designs like leaves and flowers on the satin stitch in various bright colors highlighted in black thread with the help of needle embroidery.

All these handmade embroidery stoles have natural characteristics and are very pleasant to eyes. If you’re a stole lover get yourself handmade stoles and flaunt your real woman aura with style and grace.