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Fashion Tote Bags

Fashion tote bags have been a great fashion accessory to complement their outfit. Unlike other fashion accessories, a fashion tote bag does not just provide the wearer with a larger storage space but also add sheen to their look, making them even more presentable. Women carry tote bags on different occasions.

A tote bag is a simple, spacious handheld bag that is commonly used for carrying manifold items. This shopping bag is used by women to carry cosmetics, books, personal stuffs & even beach wear. These bags are available in various sizes as well as materials & have been in vogue since a long period. These simple looking bags are perfect women accessories that women love to flaunt all year around.

Materials used in Tote Bags: A Tote bag can be made from a variety of stuffs comprising natural & artificial materials like:
  • Silk
  • Canvas
  • Denim
  • Organic Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Polyester

Colorful, Chic and Trendy Tote Bags: Tote bags come in multitude of sizes, shapes & designs. From handmade, hand-painted stylish totes to embellished, sequined and printed totes, the selection is endless. Here are five common types of tote bags that women love to flaunt on different occasions:

Fabric Tote: When we hear the word ‘tote bag’, we probably imagine these simple fabric shopping bags first. You can bring eco-friendliness in your life by using fabric tote. It is really straight forward to go green. You can get a designer fabric tote with iconic slogans itched on them.

Winged Tote: These tote bags generally feature a shorter over-arm or shoulder strap & have wings that allow the bag to expand as it is packed with goodies. Winged totes are either useful for shopping or can be used as an overnight bag while holidaying.

Tassel/ Fringe: Women who want to have a glamorous tote bag in their wardrobe can consider the tasseled & fringe designs. Whilst the tote bag is intended for practicality the addition of leather fringing or suede is given as an edgy as well as stylish appeal, great to pop up on arm on a night out.

Leather Tote: Women who prefer a sturdy, stylish as well as versatile bag can go for leather tote. Leather is considered a multipurpose useful bag material. Leather totes are attractive and easy to clean and can be used at workplace and for travelling.

Canvas: It is another well-liked finish when it comes to useful as well as appealing totes. Being sturdy & resilient to daily use, it is the perfect accessory for ladies. Canvas totes can get a little soiled than an easy-wipe leather tote, however if you want to make it clean you can put it in the washing machine to bring it back to clean and fresh look. But just ensure you have checked all the pockets before putting it into the machine!