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Jute Bags

The eco-friendly jute bags have become a sensational style statement in today’s fashion market. The craze of eco-friendliness has even touched the fashion industry. People, at present are seen going green by adopting eco-friendly fashion accessories. Jute bags are perfect eco-friendly fashion accessories that have a large share in this market. There is a wide variety of jute bags available in the market today.

Jute- The Golden Fiber: Jute is a type of natural fiber that has biodegradable and recyclable components. After cotton it is the second cheapest plant fiber. The fibers of jute are spun into a coarse thread and after that it is sued to make fashionable bags and other items.

Types of Jute: The fiber of jute is often known as Hessian. There are two types of jute:
  • White Jute
  • Tossa Jute ( an Afro-Arabian Variety)
Styles & Design in Jute Bags: Jute bags have secured a safe space in today’s fashion minded generation. These bags are available in various shapes and sizes. People longing for jute bags can find them available in tote bags, normal handbags, shopping bags & even promotional bags. Fashionistas of today are seen drooling over jute bags as they represent style, elegance and sophistication along with a message to ‘’Go Green’’. These bags can be found in different shades and prints. Some jute bags are embellished with sequins and beads while some are embroidered, some are decked with zari borders, while some are left natural. Though the jute bags have a coarse look, but they still look appealing. From special events to regular outings, there is a jute bag for every purpose.