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Hand Bags

Handbags are such fashion accessories that women cannot do without. It is a mandatory accessory for every lady. A handbag is really a women’s true companion as it not just accommodates her essentials while moving out, but also adds a spark to her personality. The way a woman accessorizes her outfit is as significant as the clothes she wears. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we, means women especially tend to observe such little things. The size as well as style of a lady’s purse can be a critical decision in the process of drawing someone’s attention to her best feature.

Different Types of Women Handbags:

There are different types of chic and trendy handbags to choose from. The bags can be chosen according to the size, shape, style or dimension. Some of the most fashionable types of handbags are:

Shoulder Bags: It is another popular handbag style. Shoulder bags feature long straps. These bags are carried on shoulder and are considered perfect for professional women. These are available in many shapes as well as sizes. The extra large shape of these bags make it easy for accommodating cell phone, wallet, keys, notepad, books, cosmetics and more. Shoulder bags at times compartmentalized with different pockets & compartments both inside & out.

Tote Handbags: These are fairly big in size and considered highly utilized handbags. These can be carried all year round. Tote bags are casual handbags often prepared from canvas. These bags are suitable for outdoor activities, beach or shopping.

Satchel: It comes with a small handle and usually is a large bag. Women carry such bags on the arm rather than hanging on the shoulder. It features a clasped, zipper, bucked top or drawstring.

Clutches: These are small-sized purses meant to be carried either in palm or tucked under the arm. These are very chic and fashionable and are usually used on formal events. These are quite famous among celebrities. Clutches are also called evening bags as these are small bags perfect for an evening out. But in recent era, the extra large clutches have grown in popularity.

How to Pick the Right Handbag? While going for shopping a new handbag, consider your body type. Always keep in mind that not every handbag is perfect for every woman. Well in simple words, when it comes to bags, the contrary form of your body is the most favorable. While shopping, move to the dressing room, hang or carry the handbag as you usually do, and check it out from all directions in the mirror.

Handbags According to Women’s Body Size & Figure:

Petite: Despite what you observe in Hollywood, oversized or extra large bags aren’t for women with petite figure. Large handbags tend to engulf your frame if you are a short heighted woman. Stay away from shoulder bags having a long strap as such bags will weigh you down. It means they will make you appear even shorter.

Plus Size: Are you a curvy or plus size woman? Then pick a boxy or large structured bag to equal out your curves. Do not carry a handbag that is too small as it will add to your plus size figure. If you are attracted towards print, avoid tiny patterns.

Tall & Thin: If you are women of this body type then pick out handbags with a slouchy, short shape like the hobo. Keep away from shoulder bags with a short band as these will make you appear even taller. Go for bags that are wider than they are tall. A Clutch would be a great choice in this.

Everyone: if you are spending lavishly on an expensive handbag, go for one that you’ll be able to put on often. If you are shopping for several low-priced bags instead, select one classic daily bag in brown or black shade. After that experiment with funky styles, fun as well as metallic for your other handbags.