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Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Trend- Floral Prints

There are some fashion trends that never go outdated. While their craze may face a little up and down in some seasons, they keep coming back over and over.

Floral prints are one such evergreen trend that with flowery attributes, make their presence in all seasons. They are ultimate source of inspiration & an excellent way to bring in thing in different ways!

Here are some tips on how to slip on floral prints and stay up to date as floral pieces make their way back into this Spring/Summer fashion trends.

How to Don Floral Prints Right?

While any woman or girl like you get obsessed with donning floral prints, let not this slip away from your mind that you should be alert to your proportions. Medium flowery patterns look good on women with medium figure. Also make sure the pattern of the flower isn’t very close to each other in design, but if you are a woman with slender and slim figure, there are no limitations. You may pick whatever you want- a small floral print, a medium floral print or a large floral print.

As floral prints itself are dazzling, don’t drive yourself. Match up bigger prints with softer, sober yet simpler silhouettes. This will definitely save you from flaunting a harsh look.

Floral Accessories:

Don’t play it with just a dress with floral prints, but experiment with some chic floral accessories like scarves, belts, trinkets, necklaces and even earrings and add a flowery accent in your look!!!

Mantra for Mix & Match Floral Fashion:

Unless you’re putting on a dress, ensure your top and bottom must never get the same print. Pair floral tops with dim trousers to look fabulous. However, you can pair floral tops and floral accessories together to make perfect fashion statement.

Floral Prints for Autumn/Winter:

This fall, floral patterns are set against a shadowy backdrop. The lace detailing is quite popular as a fresh flowery pattern. Cover your florals with cardigans, knits, coats and blazers in all harmonizing colors to make an ultimate fashion statement. Don’t just stop at printed pants- knits, scarves, and knits are all part of the latest floral trend too!