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Choose Various Patterns of Jeans to Carry Smart Look

Skinny Jeans:

If you have got sexy curves and long legs then show it off in skinny jeans. This is tight jeans that fit awesomely from waist to bottom. Girls with slim figure look stunning in this type of denim. Team it up with heels or knee length boots to carry smart look.

Slim Fit Jeans:

This is another type of jeans which is very much into fashion. It is slightly different from skinny jeans as it fits well but doesn’t keep hugged with your legs. It looks straight and decently well-fitted. Wear it with plain or printed t-shirt to flaunt simple and powerful style.

Bootcut Jeans:

This jeans cut look great as well as very stylish. It is straight till the knee but gets bit flared in the ankle. That is why sometimes it also called as flare cut but it is less open on the ankle part as compared to actual flare cut jeans. Flare Cut Jeans:

: This is another category of jeans which is very popular among Hollywood celebrities. It is fitted till the knees but widens at ankle. Yes, it is broaden at the ankle part. Flare cut jeans are comfortable to wear anytime. Sneakers or heels compliment it.

High Waisted Jeans: : Do you wish to hide your bulging tummy? Then, this type of jeans is made for you. High waisted jeans cover the waist and make it look flawless. Legs look longer and slimmer as well as the hip appears to be fuller. Though it is a trend of low waist jeans but it is still wanted by many because it blesses you with perfect and curvy look.

Boyfriend Jeans: These jeans are perfect for those who give priority to comfort over style and appearance. As its name implies, this type of jeans posses “no fitting” just like your boyfriend’s jeans but definitely comes with a feminine touch. It is super cool and hip-hop in style.

Cuffed Jeans: These jeans are folded at the end and look very smart on wearing. Heels, sneakers or flats go superbly with these jeans. it comfortable and very stylish to wear.