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Winter Coats

Winter coats are those popular upper wears that never go out of style. Every year we can see winter coats of different fabrics, colors, sizes, designs and patterns. A winter coat is usually a long piece of garment that is worn by females and males as well. As the name says, these coats are mainly worn in wintry weather and provide ample of warmth to body. Apart from shielding body form cold, winter coats also give a fashionable and stylish look to the wearer. These apparels are liked and loved by women of all age groups. Fashionable women really love these coats; aside from the fact that they provide comfort and warmth to body, but a woman also feel good while wearing a trendy one.

Ladies Winter Coats- A Style Statement and an Investment
It’s a fact that every woman wants to look stylish and beautiful regardless of getting worried about seasonal barriers. Clothes are the only medium that protects our body from harsh seasonal changes and at the same also expresses our style and fashion taste. While buying winter coats, one should keep in mind the body shape, latest trend, etc. Buying a stylish and suitable coat is no less than like an investment. The reason behind the investment is that winter coats are pricey enough and every woman cannot afford to go for such expensive apparels. That is why majority of women buy coats by doing careful search so that they can wear these for a long time. While selecting a stylish coat, you need to keep in mind some basic points so that you can pick the right coat.

Types of Coats for Women
As the season of winter knocks the door, we can see an extensive collection of ladies winter coats. Usually winter coats have long sleeves and open from the front portion. The front side of coat is closed with the support of accessories like belt, toggles, buttons, zippers, hook and loop fasteners or other sorts of clothing accessories. Winter coats for ladies can be classified on the grounds of style, design, fabric, size, color etc.

Types of Women Coats On The Basis Of Size
Generally, a standard size of ladies winter coat is akin to the size of a shirt. A lot of ladies coat designers fabricate coats of various sizes to cater the needs of ladies of all body shapes. Apart from the standard size, you can also buy coats with long and short length. Women who are obese can go for plus size coats that are specifically crafted to meet the fashion needs of oversized women.

Long Winter Coats
Long winter coats, as the name sounds are long in length and touches knee or a little above from knee portion. Long coats are worn by women who are generally tall and stylish. These coats are preferred by women who stay in cold weather for long time duration.

Short Winter Coats
Short winter coats are quite stylish and worn mainly by young women. These coats are also available in a lot of sizes. The standard size of coats is popular with the tag of short winter coats. These are generally similar to the size of shirt, but now you can buy coats a little shorter than the standard length.

Petite Winter Coats
Petite winter coats are basically manufactured by designers for plus size women. These are not the tailored versions and specifically designed for women who are oversized and less than 5 feet 3 inches. The size of plus size women coats depends upon the height and weight of the wearer. These days, these coats are a big hit amidst women with petite figure as these camouflage the flaws of body, provide warmth and also give an attractive look to ladies.

Plus Size Winter Coats
Many people think that plus size coats are mainly worn by women who are overweight. But, women with abnormal body shape and women who are very tall also buy these winter coats. These coats have big sizes in terms of length and breadth.

Overcoat for Women
Overcoat for women are worn by women who are very stylish and always want to stay in vogue. These coats come with length that goes beyond the knee portion and sometimes it even touches the ankle part. These ladies coats give a royal look and express a unique style statement of the wearer.

Types of Ladies Winter Coats On The Basis Of Fabric
Winter coats are usually fabricated with wool, but apart from wool, other fabrics are also used by manufacturers while designing the coats.

Woolen Coats for Women
When it comes to triumph over chilly weather, woolen coats are the first choice for females as they shield body from cold weather.

Cashmere Coats for Women
Cashmere coats are mainly worn by stylish women and these are expensive as compared to other coats. These ladies coats are made up of light, strong, fine and soft material. This warm fabric is known as cashmere and it is made up of wool of Kashmir goat. From each coat, only few small amount of wool is taken out so cashmere coats are scarce and very expensive.

Leather Coats for Women
Leather coats for women are warm enough and also add a stylish look in the personality of the wearer. These types of winter coats are best to give heat to body and a lot of women wear these coats in fall season rather than the season of winters.

Shearling Coats for Women
Shearling coats are very fine and made up of sheepskin that undergoes the procedure of shearing so as to get a comfy and trendy coat. Shearling coats are available in several finishes and designers sometimes also use leather and suede leather while manufacturing these winter coats.

Full Coats for Women
As the title indicates, these coats are long in length and touch the ankle portion of body. Full coats are made up of animal fur. These types of coats are liked by women due to the factor of style and also give ample of warmth to body.

Faux Fur Coats for Women
Animal fur is pricey and not everyone can buy fur coats. So as to maintain style in an economical way, the idea of artificial fur coats are introduced by designers. Artificial fur or faux fur is made of non-natural fibers and it gives the appearance of natural fur.

Types of Women Coats on Style Basis

Designer Winter Coats
Designer coats are expensive and these are made up of fine and quality materials. When it comes to style, nothing can beat these coats as these are embellished with many accessories and weaved with quality fabric.

Women Trench Coats
Women trench coats give a mysterious look to the wearer and it is a vital part of female detectives’ wardrobes. This kind of winter coat is available in a range of designs, colors and patterns. Now these coats are available in soft and light colors like pink, peach etc.

Long hooded Coats
Long coats with hood are quite popular amid younger generation. These winter coats are very stylish and usually come with the hood that can be left behind or pulled over the head. Long hooded coats are available in attractive shades and captivating designs.

Long Sweater Coats
A long sweater coat is basically a long sweater that is crafted in coat style. You can easily see long sweater coats with accessories, such as big buttons, belts, hoods etc.

Pea Coats for Women
Pea coats look similar to military coats; these are stylish and give a bold style statement to the personality of the wearer. Pea coats are generally bulky and come with several accessories like toggles, buttons, big belts, big collars etc. Women who want to get a rough and tough look generally prefer pea coats.

Duffle Coat
This is another type of winter coat that is made from duffle. Duffle is basically a thick and coarse woolen fabric. British style coat is the most common style of duffle coats. These ladies coats are fastened with four ropes or leather loops to fasten and generally comes with three-quarter length.

Types of Women Winter Coats based upon Needs
These days, coat manufacturers are also designing coats on the basis of special needs felt by many women. These custom made coats are fabricated as per the needs of the wearer.

Maternity Winter Coats
During the time of pregnancy, the size of pregnant women keeps on changing and due to this, maternity coats are fabricated by manufacturers in big sizes. Nowadays, maternity coats are also available in a number of attractive designs and colors.

Winter Coats for Women
Raincoats for women are available in many shapes and styles. These coats are made up of fabric that absorbs water easily. You can buy raincoats in various lengths. Coats with short length are known as anorak while full length coats are known as trench coats. Raincoats for women come with hood of various fabrics and these hoods offer warmth to the head.