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Beach is a favorite place and an ideal summer destination for many women. Ladies not only simmer down in the water of sea, but also show off their well-toned bodies. Beachwear, as the name sounds, is the item that is worn by women at the beach. Beach clothing is very important for women who hit shorelines on a regular basis. These outfits are generally considered as a statement of elegance, style and increase the sex appeal of a woman.

Fashion consciousness is increasing with every passing day amidst women. In this context, these stylish apparels hold a vital place in fashion industry. With the appearance of designer beach clothing for women in the marketplace, the significance of beach apparels have increased a lot amidst high profile ladies.

Fabrics Used in Beachwear Skin-friendly, fast drying and non-absorbent materials are used in the fabrication of beachwear. These fabrics not only provide you the comfort, but also give you a dazzling look. Lycra, georgette, chiffon, cotton, silk, nylon, polyester, etc are some of the most widely used materials in the making of beachwear. The stuff used in ladies beach clothing is very light to provide great level of comfort to the wearer.

Types of Women Beachwear A wide range of swimming costumes are available in market these days. It includes comfy apparels as well as trendy variety of costumes that goes well with the electrifying and comforting climate of beach. Short pants, tie-ons, skirts, tankinis, clubkinis, sarongs, etc are some of the popular types of ladies beachwear.

Women Swim WearWomen swim wears are also known as swimming costume, swim suit, aquajammies and bathing suit. These are available in a range of designs, colors and sizes. Thongs, and bikinis are the most common in this category and these are basically one piece clothing. Dive Skins is one more type of clothing that is specifically designed for the purpose of diving and swimming.

Women Beach Wraps Women beach wraps are the most popular amongst women. Beach wrap is basically a large piece of printed cloth and wrapped by women around waist, lower part and breast portion as well. They are available in several sizes, prints, colors and sizes. Printed body wraps are in vogue these days and available in flower prints, animal prints, etc. These beach wears can be worn in several styles and thus can very well suit with the personality of any kind of woman. Pareos and Sarongs are the popular costumes that fall in this category.

Women Beach Dresses A good range of beach dresses are available these days that not only shields the body from baking sun rays, but also add a lot of fun and joy. Beach dresses generally cover the overall body of a woman, some of the most popular types of women beach dresses are mentioned below-

  • Kimonos
  • Thongs
  • Kapris
  • Beach Pants
  • Beach Tunics
  • Beach Mini-Skirts

History of Beach Wear The origination of beach costume is closely connected to swimming and water sports. The first beach wear was made up in the year of 300 B.C. The starting years of 1800’s was the beginning of beach wear revolution when Americans gathered at the beaches for sea side amusement. On July 5, 1946, famous fashion designer Louis Reard launched stylish bikinis at a fashion show in Paris and after this the trend of beach wear for women came in vogue and became a big hit amidst women.