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Women Trousers and Jackets

Women trousers and jackets are those apparels, which are preferred by majority of working class females. These are comfortable and give wearer a complete professional look. This form of clothes also reflects an elegant and modern approach of a woman. Women trousers when teamed with stylish and graceful blazers add a gracefulness to the persona of the wearer.

This attractive yet simple set of clothes shows the dedication and sincerity of woman towards her professional life. In this hard and fast life, a number of professionals prefer the combo of trousers and jackets as the duo is comfy and simple as well. Women trousers with jackets form a pair that goes well with a bevy of formal occasions. Trousers of colors like grey, navy blue and black colors are very popular amidst women.

Designs and Styles of Women Trousers
  • Flat Front Trousers
  • Straight Leg Trousers
  • Slim Leg Trousers
  • Wide Leg Trousers
Fabrics Used in the Manufacturing of Women Trousers and Jackets
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Polyester Fabric
  • Poly cotton blend Fabric
  • Corduroy Fabric

Blazers when teamed beautifully with trousers show the true aura of today’s professional woman. Women jackets are matched with collared blouse or shirts and formal trousers and suits well to almost all the formal occasions.

Styles and Designs of Women Blazers
  • Trimmed Blazers
  • Striped Blazers
  • Lined Blazers
  • Three-Piece Blazers
  • Two-Piece Blazers
Types of Fabrics that are used in Women Blazers
  • Silk Fabric
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Polyester Fabric