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Ladies Dungarees

How you can carry yourself in dungarees!!!!

I have been chit chatting with my friends about dungarees that how nowadays, they are visible at almost every store and fashion houses. And then I thought it would be great idea if I write something about this latest drift, and about its rapid mode growth in the fashion market.

So, today what makes a girl to get inclined on this 90’s fashion style? Maybe in recent times we have taken fashion and styling to some other level. And now it’s time to embrace and buckle up some awesome denim dressing. What do you think dungarees imitate? Ahhh! your high street fashion outlook? Or your freethinking attitude or your artistic stance!!!!!! Well, I would say different people have different way of styling and fashion outlook.

Today our fashion market is jam-packed with latest fashion trends and high street clothing lines. You know what is the best part of being a girl? We can try anything damn thing what we love and wish to have. So, if you’re among those girls who love to wear fashionable clothes but afraid to wear them, then girls please buckle up yourself, trust your instincts and go for whatever makes you happy. Today in my blog I will tell you how to make yourself wraped up in sexy yet sassy by wearing some awesome pairs of dungarees. Scroll down little more, and I have got a surprise for you.

 hot dungarees fashion trend: The dark denim dungarees:  if you want to wear something classic yet sexy, than these type dark denim dungarees are just made for you. Wear them with white round neck tee and rolled them up from their hems and don them with your black heels. This look will surely give you a rugged casual gaze.
The cool and smart dungarees: dungarees aren’t always in denims. Try wear, a pair of black tailored dungarees. You can also carry this at your office as well. To give this look a whole new avatar, you only need to add some peppy heels and a monochrome shirt. Trust me you’ll be a fashion queen.
The sweet preppy pinafore:  these are on number one list on London fashion week this year. These types of dungarees are the best to carry pinafores. You can wear this with peppy whit tee or shit and chic loafers to highlight your preppy points.
The pini button down dress:  if you have huge love for shot cute dresses, I’m sure you will not miss this as well. Get yourself wrapped up in this little cute pini denim button dress. You can wear this type of dungarees with strip top or with sexy black tights. Or if you want to welcome summers with open heart, go with bare legs and flaunt your sexy yet cute dungaree style.

Miss polka- dot dungarees:  putting polka dots back in fashion is something hep and sexy. No matter how many seasons pass away; my love for polka dots will never get passé.  Get you play suit in and tuck your polka dots dungarees with black chic tee.
So, girls here are some the hot dungarees style that I’m sure you will definitely try. It’s the  time to get yourself a new avatar and rock the streets with your oomph and style.