Ladies Lingerie

Nowadays, lingerie is no more just the ‘under essential or undergarment’, but a fashion high, with the women opting for sexy designer lingerie. Lingerie is a term in English to refer to a lady’s undergarments. This term is borrowed from French, where the term is more generically sued to refer to undergarments. In fact, it is the French word ‘lingie’ is the origin of lingerie.

Initially there were made from cotton & linen only; however over the years, the patterns, designs, makes & tastes of lingeries have changed a lot. At present, cotton, nylon, polyester, lace, satin, silk, lycra and a number of other materials are widely used for making charming yet sexier ladies lingerie sets. Also referred to as knockers, intimate apparels & women’s undergarments, these are used by ladies to remain hygienic & modest.

Ladies Lingerie Types: There are different types of ladies lingeries that include:

Peignoir Set: It is just like a negligee with a pairing gown made from silk.

Negligee: It’s a baggy satin gown that wraps upper thighs.

Corset: It is designed with slim waist & creates cleavage. It can be found in with or with no straps. When girthed, it offers a flat look.

Baby Doll: It is a type of short gown that can be made of fabric silk featuring a bra like upper portion & flares out just under the busts. It often comes in pair with matching panties.

Bustier: It comes generally with no strap. It appears just like a long bra having cups & covers the body.

Chemise: It is a gown with flares scanning over the contours of the body.

Designer Lingerie:

Such types of ligeries are upcoming trends amongst ladies at present. Every woman craves for the sensuous & chic lingerie sets. Silk, the bastion of lingerie, will always be preferred to put on close to the skin. Silk lingerie makes the womanly figures more appealing & beautiful.

Ladies underclothes are commonly of two kids:
One that are designed with vanity & modesty in mind

Second those are rich, lively, & racy comprising exotic nightwear, negligees, sheer night gowns & peignoirs.

The wedding underclothes of women often contain sheer yet luxurious lingerie sets. They are readily accessible in different shapes, sizes, styles and colours as per body structure. Since underclothes make a significant part of women’s clothing sets, every woman can found something for her no matter whether she has:

  • Slim body
  • A Large Bum
  • Pear Shaped figure
  • Hourglass Figure
  • A Large Tummy