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Ladies Pajamas

Ladies Pajamas are quite popular and have become a need for a lot of women. These are basically light in weight and loose fitted trousers that provides good level of comfort. Pajamas for ladies are the comfy night wears, which are available in a wide variety. For lounging, the stylish pajamas have become perfect fashionable wear for women. Women pajamas serve the double purpose, it provides ample of comfort as well as add femininity and charm to the persona of a woman.

Fabrics in Ladies Pajamas

Women pajamas are available in a range of comfortable and stylish fabrics, such as:

Cotton: This fabric is widely used in the making of pajamas for ladies

Silk: Together with cotton, silk is also a perfect fabric for night wear and it is liked by many women due to sensuality and comfort.

Silk Satin: Silk satin gives a very luxurious look and adds sensuality; it is also widely used in the manufacturing of ladies pajamas.

Hosiery and Lycra: Both these materials provide ample of comfort and cooling effect as well.

Flannel: Flannel is mainly worn in winters due to its warm nature.

Ladies Pajamas Types Ladies pajamas are divided into following categories:

Traditional: It is fabricated with soft fabrics, such as flannel. These pajamas include a lower with front pockets and a sleeveless jacket. In South Africa and South Asia, these are known as night suits.

Contemporary: In USA, these are entitled as babydoll pajamas and inspired from conventional pajamas; these are usually worn with pullover tops.

Day Wear: Day wear pajamas are best for lounging and this kind of pajamas include hostess pajamas, beach pajamas and capri pajamas.

Ladies Pajamas Style: Pajamas for women are available in a broad variety of patterns, shapes, fabrics and designs. These nightwear’s require less maintenance, durable and can be easily washed with hands or machine as well. Ladies pajamas are quite popular amidst a lot of women due to attractive designs like cartoon figures, asymmetrical patterns, floral prints, strips, etc.

These pajamas can also go well with t-shirt or top and can also be used for the purpose of gym. Pajamas of ladies are available in several forms, such as plain pajamas, printed pajamas, jersey pajamas, colored pajamas, slim fitted pajamas, cotton pajamas, tight fitting pajamas and all these patterns are simply perfect for day and night as well.