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Fashion Sarong

Women sarongs are single piece of cloth wrapped around the body. These are also called cover ups at the beach & have become an integral part of today’s women’s fashion. A sarong can be printed or colorful based on a woman’s preferences. It is draped around the lower body and folded together at the waist. Sarongs have been in use since a very long period. In fact, this piece of clothing is put on by both men & women in many regions of South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula & many Pacific islands.

In India, sarong is a common casual wear for Malay men as well as women. However it is also well-liked in North Eastern states of India. This piece of clothing is considered very chic and stylish as well as comfy beach clothing for ladies.

Different Names of Sarongs: Sarongs are recognized by different names across the world. In Eastern Africa people call it ‘Kanga or Kikoi’ and are generally made of brightly shaded cotton. In Mauritius, it is known as ‘Pareos’. In Malaysia & Indonesia it is famous as ‘Malong’, in Southern states of India it is popular as ‘Mundu’, in Tamil Nadu ‘Lungi’ and in Punjab it is called ‘Malayee’ for men and ‘Gamchha ‘ for women.

Different Uses of Women Sarongs: Many of the stylish sarongs for ladies are handmade productions and used as bathing costume cover-ups. However, these pieces of clothes not only put on as cover ups on the beaches, but also serve as a complete wardrobe. The fashion or chic sarongs in terms of long pieces of cloth can also be wrapped, folded, twisted & tied to get the shape of various dresses. There is a long list for using this piece of cloth s various dresses. The top uses include:

  • Long Skirt
  • Sarong Neck Knot Dress
  • Beach Cover-up
  • Quick Bathing Suit Cover-up
  • Dress Toga
  • Beach Blanket
  • Shawl / Scarf
  • Turban
  • Wall Hanging
  • Fabric for sewing
  • Curtains
  • Couch Cover/ Table / Seat

Materials used for Sarong Creation: Various fabrics are used to make women’s sarong. Cotton-based sarongs are quite popular among women as these add to the comfort level of the user. At some places, the piece of fabric used for making sarong is usually light; often rayon & it may have features like ornamental fringing or joints on two sides. Apart from that there are many more types of clothes used in pure form or mixed with silk, synthetic, georgette, crepe, polyester etc.

Women Sarong Sizing: Women longing for a sarong must be familiar with her waist size & the inseam or pant leg-size or the length from her hip to heel. Generally, all full sarongs are available in rectangular sizes, around 66x44 inches. The length of half sarongs for women can be found in 66x22 inches. Therefore, if the waist size of a woman is around 33 inches, the full-length sarong will drape around approximately twice. It is supposed to be the perfect length for any type of sarong & can flawlessly fit into a petite to average woman comfortably.

Styles & Designs of Sarongs: Different designs as well as styles are obtainable for sarongs meant for women counting on purpose, place and their use. Women’s sarongs are available in different forms satisfying the wearer’s needs and tastes. This fashionable cover up is often brightly tinted or printed with elaborate patterns, generally sketching of plants, flowers, scenery, animals and many more. However, there are also available plain sarongs in vibrant colors with plain dark linings next to the edges.

Attractive designs of floral prints, abstract prints or floral prints are used to add to the style of the wearer. Here is a list of prints & designs available in ladies sarongs:

  • Batik Sarongs for Women
  • Tie Dyed Sarongs for Women
  • Solid plain Women's Sarongs
  • Mono Color Sarongs
  • Ladies Sarongs in Two Tone Colors
  • Hand painted Sarongs for Women
  • Screen Printed Ladies Sarongs
  • Embroidered Sarongs
  • Smoked Sarongs for Women
  • Sequined and Beaded Sarongs

The best feature of a sarong is that it is completely flexible. One can tuck, fold or drape it & the very feminine sarong will give a flattering look. The style mantra of this clothing is that once the wearer drape is around her waist, she just maintains a relaxed and cool attitude.