Women Shirt

Women have been wearing stylish and comfortable shirts for a very long time. Shirts are an important part of the wardrobe of many ladies. These kinds of women upper wears are available in market in an assortment of colors, prints, designs, sizes and with variety of zips, sleeves and buttons. Shirts can be teamed with trousers, jeans, skirts, capris and can be worn by women of all age groups. These ladies attires can be worn on casual as well as formal occasions.

A shirt is basically a garment with cuffs, collars and a full vertical opening with buttons. But, some shirts are closed on the front side and do not have a vertical opening. Fashion shirts are mainly worn by office goers. No matter you are going to attend casual or formal occasion or just need a dressy look, you can easily find a right kind of shirt to match up with your fashion statement.

Types of Women Shirts
Nowadays, manufacturers all across the globe are coming up an extensive collection of shirts for ladies. You can buy unique designs without facing a lot of complications. As compared to normal shirts, designer ladies shirts are very popular amidst fashionable women. You can select from plethora of options and team your shirt with bottoms like jeans, capris, trousers and skirts to get the desired look. Below mentioned are some of the main types of ladies shirts.
  • Formal Shirts
  • Casual Shirts
  • Party wear Shirts

Fabrics Used in Women’s Shirts
Shirts for ladies are made up of a range of materials. Chiffon, silk, polyester, cotton, hosiery etc are some of the prime fabrics that are used by shirt manufacturers. While buying casual or formal shirt, make sure from your end that it should be of quality and skin friendly fabrics.

Ladies Fashion Shirts Designs
Ladies shirts can be categorized on the basis of designs and construction. These days, you can find out an array of shirts that are distinguished in several ways.

Shoulders, Arms and Sleeves Designer of Shirts
Shirts for ladies are also categorized on the basis of their arm and shoulder design and are of various types. Shirts with covering from the portion of arms are known as tube top and famous amongst very stylish females. On the other side, shirt with straps is another type that is liked by young females. Shirts with full sleeves, half sleeves, quarter length sleeve and with no sleeves are also available in market for wearers.

Fashion shirts Cuff Designs
Fashion shirts can also be categorized on the basis of their cuffs that are normally the below part of the sleeve of a shirt. Shirts with no buttons are known as placket cuff. Some shirts comes with cufflinks, in this the holes of the buttons are designed beautifully. Several buttons of a shirt that are arranged vertically to the cuff are named as barrel cuff. French cuff, in this, the end of the cuff is doubled over the cuff area and sewed up with a cufflink.

Shirts Lower Hem Design
Shirts are also categorized on the basis of lower hem. Some women shirts come with lower hem design and in this, the belly button area remains exposed. This kind of design is mainly available in shirts with half sleeves. Shirts, in which the lower hem covers the legs area, are mainly worn with trousers and quite popular in western culture.

Women Shirts Body Designs
Shirts can also be divided on the basis of shirts body. The body of the shirt is of several patterns. Shirts in which the front area is perpendicularly open from top to bottom and can be fastened by zipper and buttons are the most common ones. Shirts, in which the back or the front area is closed and you have to wear it with the hood are also preferred by young ladies.

Neck Designs of Women Shirts
Women shirts, these days, are designed for fashionable and stylish women. Shirts are available for almost all kinds of body shapes. These days, manufacturers are coming up with plus size shirt designs that works well for oversized women. At last, we can only say that shirts are vital for your wardrobe.