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Ladies Shorts

Ladies shorts are those garments that women wear over their pelvic area covering the upper part of the legs. Shorts seem as shortened version of lowers. Shorts are amongst the most likable as well as cherished apparel and women especially young ladies drool over the sexy appeal, fitness and elegance of shorts. These short for ladies can be mixed as well as matched with any type of ladies tops, but are widely liked to be put on with t-shirts. The cool and stylish shorts for ladies are perfect for the scorching months of summer.

Ladies Shorts Fabrics: Women prefer ladies shorts for casual purpose. Denim and cotton are the most common materials used in shorts. Other materials like nylon, polyester and spandex are used for shorts meant for athletic activities or cycling.

Various Styles of Ladies Shorts: There are varieties of ladies shorts available in the market today. Some of the most popular styles of ladies shorts include:

Beach Shorts: These are very comforting and relaxing shorts for ladies. As the name implies, these shorts are worn while having a great time on beach. Beach shorts are made from nylon, cotton, cotton silk, cotton blend, Lycra and polyester. As far as the design and style of these shorts are concerned they come in solid, plain, stripes, printed, checks and many more designs.

Cargo Shorts: These shorts are one of the perfect khaki shorts featuring cargo pockets. These shorts are very similar to cargo trousers however, found with a little below knee length. Cargo shorts generally feature more than 4 pockets & these pockets are mostly sewed to the exteriors of the shorts’ fabric.

Bermuda shorts: These are also popular as walking shorts or dress shorts. Ladies Bermuda shorts are knee-length having pockets and waist loops. The name Bermuda shorts signifies their use in Bermuda here these were put on with long shocks, blazer & tie for cocktail parties and business purposes. These Bermuda ladies shorts are an excellent piece of clothing for causal events both indoor and outdoor. These shorts are often made from soft, light fabric like cotton that makes them ideal for hikes, walks, camping, visiting and easy lounging at home.

Baggie Shorts: These are loose fitting normal size shorts that reach the knees. These shorts can be obtained in different fabrics both in lightweight as well as heavy fabrics including Lycra and cotton.

Ladies Culottes: These are divided skirts or piece of clothing that hangs like skirt but in reality are pants. These can also be called as loose cut ladies shorts that are quite famous amongst teenage girls. These shorts can also be used as school uniforms.

Cycling Shorts: These shorts are also known as girls bike shorts. These are skin tight shorts worn mainly by cyclists to lower abrasion while cycling. At present, these shorts have also been accepted as street wear, active wear and in most cases worn under skirts as well as dresses for modesty purposes.

Leather Shorts: As the name suggests, these ladies shorts are made from leather. These look hot, glamorous and chic. One cannot find these shorts in black leather, however can find in different unconventional shades like blue, pink and white and the most popular brown shade.

Running Shorts: Though it is not like those fashion shorts, however it can also make a women appear hot even when executing fitness regimen. These are sporty shorts that reach the upper thigh of ladies with the idea of providing utter freedom of movement during sports activities. The running shorts for ladies often comprise nylon fabric.