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Fashion Skirts

Skirts have always been a necessary clothing of women’s wardrobe. These bottoms are mainly worn by ladies in summer season as these apparels work like breath for legs. Skirts for ladies are considered as one of the most stylish and comfortable wear for women. When it comes to shape, skirts are generally cone or tube shaped piece of clothing that covers legs. These are worn by women to cover the lower part of body. These ladies bottoms are of various shapes, types and styles and every skirt determine its name. A perfectly fit skirt can camouflage your flaws and give your legs, waist and hips, a fabulous and stunning look.

Today, you can easily see skirts of several captivating designs, fabrics, prints, etc. Lowers like skirts are simply perfect for formal as well as casual occasions. Skirts in its simplest form are fabricated with a single piece of clothing. Panels, pleats, darts, gores, etc add a fine look to skirts and while buying one, a woman must have a careful look at the flows, fits, finish and cuts.

A number of skirts manufacturers have come up with unique styles of skirts that go well with almost every body shape. While designing skirts, manufacturers keep in mind the latest trends. If we talk about skirts hemlines then this can also touch the upper thigh and even go low till the border of the skirt. Therefore, ladies skirts can be of several types, such as short skirts, knee length, full length, miniskirts, and so onwards. Short skirts are loved by many women and it is available in floral prints, checks, stripes, abstract designs, and even plain. If short skirts coupled with matching uppers, such as shirt or top then it can easily enhance the overall look of the wearer.

Women Fashion Skirts Types Skirts can be categorized on the basis of length, style, pattern, etc. Now we are going to mention some of the most popular types of skirts are as follows-

  • A-line Skirts
  • Bubble Skirts
  • Fashion Gypsy Skirts
  • Ladies Mini Skirts
  • Tulip Skirts
  • Wrap Around Skirts

Fabrics for Ladies Skirts Cotton, denim, jersey, silk, poplin, worsted, etc are some of the popular fabrics that are used in the making of skirts. These days, skirts are usually fabricated with skin-friendly and light weight fabric to provide ample of ease and comfort to the wearer. But, some skirt designers also use clingy and thin material as these gives fine and better drape.

Different Shapes of Skirts Full Skirt
As the name indicates, these skirts are long and roomy. Full length skirts are generally pleated or gathered. These skirts are best for winter season at it shields legs from cold.

Straight Skirt
Skirts with same breadth from the waist portion to the hemline are known as straight skirts. These kinds of skirts are available in various lengths, such as knee length, mid calf and ankle length. Straight skirts have slits on the back part so that wearer can move easily. The best part of these skirts is that these suits well with almost every body type.

Pleated Skirt
Pleated skirt is another type ok skirt that is quite popular amidst many women. These skirts are designed by taking the width of the darts from every seam and making the panel to look similar like pleats strips. The fullness of skirt is lessened by regular pleats that are also known as folds or plaits.

Circle Skirt
Circle skirts are also known as circular skirts and generally have flare at the hem portion. This type of skirt is proposed in a circular shape so that whenever the wearer holds and looks at it, it makes semi-circle or full circle. The design of this skirt gives fullness to the skirt.

A-Line Skirt
A-Line skirts are also known as princess skirts. This one is the simplest type of skirt and the shape of the skirt gives the impression of alphabet A. Women who are overweight mainly wear A-Line skirts. This kind of skirt fits at the waist part and slightly touches thighs and hip area.

Divided Skirt
Divided skirt is separated into two legs. These look alike to long shorts or pair of trousers. These skirts are best and a wearer can move comfortably.

Some Popular Fashionable Skirts Designs

Hobble Skirt
A hobble skirt is a narrow, long skirt that is purposely designed to cut down a woman’s stride below the knee. These fashionable skirts gained a lot of fame during 20th century.

Poodle Skirt
Poodle skirts are also liked by many women due to its unique style. These skirts are circular or semi-circular in shape and were in vogue in 1950s.

Drindle Skirt
Drindle skirt is similar to gathered skirts but these gathers are not very full. Side seams pockets are the specialty of these skirts.

Different Styles in Ladies Fashion Skirts

Prairie Skirt
Prairie skirt is one of the simplest types of skirts that usually have flares together with one or more flounces or tiers. These skirts were gained a lot of popularity amidst women during 1970s and popular in recent times as well.

Mini Skirt
These are considered as the most stylish type of skirts. This piece of clothing is usually short in length and reach till the mid thigh portion. These skirts are straight or flared at the hem and appropriate for casual events. If you have beautiful pair of legs then a mini skirt can easily make you look more attractive.

Maxi Skirt
Maxi skirt is basically a mid-calf length skirt that was in vogue during 1970s, it also belong to the category of mini skirt.

Broomstick Skirt
This is a stylish type of skirt that is designed with various creased gathers. These pleats are shaped by applying pressure and curling the garment while it is wet. Broomstick skirts are still like by many women.

Trouser Skirt
These skirts are designed like men’s trouser and basically come with straight cut. These skirts comes pockets, belt loops and fly front.

Sarongs are preferred by many women due to comfort offered by these skirts to the wearer. These skirts are wrapped around the body and worn by many women while enjoying beach side activities.