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Ladies Swimwear

Swimwear is considered as one of the most essential apparels for women who love to bask under the sun. These apparels are designed to be worn for several purposes like surfing, swimming, water polo, sun bathing, water skiing, swimming etc. If you want to spend some cozy moments at the shoreline then a well-fitted bathing suit is must for you as it enhances your beauty, makes you feel comfy while playing with water and accentuate your figure as well. To be very precise, swim suits are all about beauty, style, comfort and confidence.

Types of Women’s Swimwear An extensive range of costumes for swimming are available in market these days. Below mentioned are the types that are quite popular amidst women. Take a look-

One-Piece swimsuit
A one-piece swimsuit is generally a well-fitted modest suit that is worn by women while enjoying water activities like water sports, swimming etc. This kind of swimsuit usually covers the torso region of a woman. One-piece swimsuit is ideal for women who do not feel comfortable with the mid portion of their body and mainly preferred by women who are overweight.

Two-piece swimwear
This is the second most popular in the list of swim suits. This style has gained a lot of popularity amidst women. Two piece suits are fashionable thongs, tankinis, bikinis or separates. The topmost part of this outfit is usually round or triangular in shape. Women who have curvy hips can go for string bikinis as they are perfect for pear shape body frame. A tankini is very akin to a bikini and these are designed for ladies who are confident with their upper body part.

Swimwear separates
This type is also very popular and as the name sounds, you can buy bottom and top separately. But, while buying these, you must match the color and design. Swimwear separators are a big hit as you can buy according to size and shape of your body. You just need to pick the right size, color and design to get the perfect beach look.

Padded bikini
This type of swim wear is liked by women who are having small breast portion. Padded bikinis give the appearance of fuller figure and accentuate your upper body part.

Miracle swimsuits
These are the latest in market and preferred by women who want to look two sizes smaller. In brief, it is perfect for plus size ladies. A lot of colorful prints and designs are used while fabricating miracle swimsuits and these can easily draw the attention of people from your problematic areas like heavy tummy. The fabric used in these swimsuits is stretchable enough and therefore the wearer gets the slimmer look.

Women’s Swimsuit Demand Nowadays, swimming costume designers are paying a lot of attention towards the look, fitting and design of swimming apparels. Swim suits are available for almost every body shape and even for pregnant ladies as well. With the increasing demand day by day, these suits have gone beyond the purpose of swimming only.

Popular swim suit designers like Venus, Lisa Lozano and Vix Roxy design wonderful and captivating bathing suits and if worn with fashion accessories like sandals then these apparels can surely change your entire look in minutes only. Swimsuits are available in several designs, colors, patterns, and sizes. You just need to keep in mind that the ideal swimwear will impeccably compliment the beautiful features of your body.