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Women Tops

When it comes to the shopping of clothes, women are very sensitive and choosy. They check out everything because they want to look stunning in their outfits. Tops are considered as one of the most essential attires that can make you look modish and loved by young girls and college going females. Fashion tops add a charm in your persona when you team up these with cargo, capris, trousers, etc. Women love to procure fancy and stylish tops and most of the women feel that tops are one of the most stylish and comfortable attires that can a number of lowers. These days, fashionable tops for women are available in various designs, colors and sizes. Tops for women are available for casual as well as formal occasions. The pattern and designs are so varied that you can see many alternatives in your hands to select from.

Fabric Used in Women’s Tops
For many women, fashion and comfort go hand in hand and due to this clothing companies make women tops with skin-friendly fabric. If we talk about fabric, materials like Georgette, Crepe, Silk, Cotton, Silk, etc are used in the manufacturing of tops that not only makes you feel comfy, but also gives you a stylish look.

Types of Women Tops
A broad collection of tops for women are available in market these days and you can buy them in various styles, colors and sizes to fit your taste. Women’s tops can be sorted out into two prime categories-
(1) Basic Tops
(2) Fashionable Tops.
Basic tops are worn on regular basis while women wear fashion tops on special events.

Basic Women Tops
Basic tops are generally daily wear tops and women also used these tops as casual wear or these are also used by women for the purpose of layering. A lot of women wear basic tops to get a trendy look and to add a touch of simplicity in their wardrobes. Tunics, vests, tube tops, tanks tops, T-shirts like V-neck tee and plain tee are some of the popular styles of basic tops. T-shirts can be worn with skirts, jeans and hot pants. A T-shirt is made up of thin material and comes in various styles like collarless, round neck, short sleeves, long sleeves, and without button as well.

Polo and V-neck tees are quite popular amidst school and college going females due to great style and comfort. Tank tops are quite trendy and popular amid young women. These tops are sleeveless upper garments with slightly broad shoulder straps and a bit low neckline. Tank tops are strapless, so to ensure the proper fitting, these basic tops are fabricated with elastic materials to give you the best fit. Vest on the other side is a close-fitting waist-length top in this category that is available with collar and without sleeves and it is mostly worn in the season of summer. Wear vest with hot pants and get an ultimate summer look. Tunics are other popular basic tops that go till the mid thighs. Ruth tunic is another variation of this basic top pattern and comes with sleeves. If you want to stay covered then tunics are the excellent selection for you.

Fashionable Tops for Women
Stylish tops for women come in variety of fabrics, colors, and styles. These upper wears come with attractive elements like laces, embroidery, mirror work, ruffles, etc. These trendy tops boost your wardrobe and add a classy look in your personality. Designer fancy upper wears for women can be bought into various styles and have the potential to magnetize the attention of people due to style factor. Halter neck tops, one shoulder tops and crop tops are the popular varities. If you want to look cool then crop top is perfect for you as it exposes your belly. On the other side, one shoulder top has only one strap that may be thin or wide. Halter neck top is a kind of sleeveless top that is akin to tank top, but with the strips being fixed behind the neck portion. Halter neck enables most of the wearer’s back to be uncovered.

List of Ladies Fashion Tops
Women’s tops as we have mentioned above are available in numerous attractive colors and stylish designs. The choices are simply endless. Tunics, tees, etc are various kinds of modish and chic upper wears that are worn by women. Below mentioned are some of the most popular ladies fashion tops-

  • Corset Tops
  • Halter Neck Tops
  • Poncho Tops
  • Women Tank Tops
  • Wrap Tops

Fashion tops for women are mainly teamed with jeans, skirts, hot pants and trousers. However, not every stylish upper wear matches well with a specific style of pant, jeans or skirt. Ladies like to wear stylish tops tucked or untucked. If you like to wear your top without tucking it then you must take care of the length of your upper. For instance, if you want to buy a fashion top for an A-line skirt then short tailored tops can match well with your skirt. Longer tops for women look uneven with skirts, but you can accessorize yourself and get a trendy look. For example, if you use a waist-clinching belt with A-line skirt then it will surely give the appearance of the short length of top. ¬So, while matching your top with skirts, you must keep in few factors in your mind like length, style, design, etc.

Now we will talk about the teaming of fashionable ladies tops with pants. If you wear stylish top with pants then keep in mind that it should be at least one to three inches above crotch point. But this rule does not go with tunic as it is long in length. Stylish upper wears with hip bone length are ideal for skirts, but look unusual with pants or trousers. While selecting a top, you must take care of its length, style and also the proportion of your body.

Styles and Designs of Ladies Fashion Tops
As we have told above that fashionable tops for women are available in exciting colors and captivating designs. You can see in the market an extensive range of upper wears and these overflowing choices can ease your task of shopping for tops. The style of women’s tops keeps on changing with season and the style factor revive itself into a newly set bold fashion statement with changing scenario in the field of fashion.

The fundamental style of modish tops varies in terms of sleeves, prints, designs and necklines. If you like sleeveless tops then you can go for three-quartered sleeves, half sleeves and full sleeves. In the season of summer, a lot of women prefer tops without sleeves to comfy and light. And when it comes to the necklines of women’s tops, you have ample of options in front of you like V-neck, round neck, off-shoulder neck and halter neck styles. These are the most popular necklines that make tops quite trendy and attractive. If we talk about the length of ladies fashionable upper wears, they should be made till the waist length and slightly below the hipline. Some women also like to wear long length tops that are known as kurtis and these are mostly worn in the season of summer.

As stated above, ladies stylish tops come in unlimited patterns and to give ladies upper wears an attention grabbing look, embellishments like patchwork, mirror work, bead work, embroidery etc are used by manufacturers. These can be done in front as well as back portion to give tops an amazing look. Vibrant shades, fine embroidery and proper fitting add a grace to highly fashionable women wear. In terms of designs, geometrical shapes, abstract prints, floral prints, and so forth are quite popular amidst women. Laces and fringes at the top or the bottom part and even on the sleeves also add depth on stylish tops. Apart from all these, crochet and knitted upper wears also add elegance in your personality and women love to wear these tops generally in the season of winter.