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Fashion Trousers

Women’s trousers have gained a lot of popularity amidst women as these gives a trendy and smart look to the wearer. Trousers are also known as pants and available in an attractive colors and designs. In 16th century, the first trouser was fabricated for male genre and over the period of time, these bottoms became quite popular amid women as well. In western countries, women love to wear trousers in preference to dresses or skirts most of the time.

Trousers or pants can be team up with kurti, top or shirts and it gives a very stylish look to the wearer. Trousers are in demand these days due to fast lives of women. Females who want to get an ideal professional look can wear pants with shirts and get the complete pro look. Women who go to office and prefer formal clothes mainly wear trousers these days.

Types of Women Trousers or Women Pants
  • Ladies Capris
  • Ladies Cargo Trousers
  • Ladies Formal Trousers
  • Women Jeans
  • Ladies Dungarees
Essential Characteristics for Women Trousers

Length plays an imperative role as it can make or break your entire look. Trousers with different lengths can be seen in market nowadays. Pants that begin from waist portion and ends at knee or calf area are also known as ‘Capri’. Apart from this, pants with ankle length and other sizes are also available for women.

Professional women prefer to wear trousers with pockets. These pockets could be in back side and front side as well. Normal trousers have long and deep pockets while pants like jeans have small size pockets. Cargo pants are mainly liked by school and college going females and these have a lot of pockets.

Pleats are basically the upright fold that adjusts the fitting of pants and gives it a fine look. Formal trousers come with pleats while jeans are fabricated without pleats.

Leg Shape
The leg of the trousers could be tapered, widened and straight. The bottom part could also be very thick and named as bell-bottoms.

Belt Loops
Belt loops mainly depends on the fitting of the pants.