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Nail Cosmetics

When we talk about women & beauty, we’ll always find a mention of women cosmetics. And, when we talk about cosmetics, we cannot overlook the nail cosmetics! Women, at present era have become quite conscious about their looks and nails. They do almost everything to beautify their nails and protect them from getting damaged. Even they opt for a regular nail care regimen so that they appear beautiful and strong. For this they implement a lot of methods and of course a number of nail products that endow their nails with stunning designs! So, if you are a fashion conscious lady who is on a hunt for proper nail products either for designs or nail growth & other nail cosmetics, then you must know the basics regarding all sorts of nail products.

Various Types of Nail Products:
On the basis of functionality, nail products have been classified into certain groups. There are nail cosmetics that are used to make nails more beautiful, nail art products that are used to provide the nails amazing designs, nail care products that are used to take care of nails, nail growth products that excite the proper growth of the nails, nail repair products that are helpful in reversing the damage done to nails and lastly the nail accessories that are certain tools which are used to apply nail cosmetics or to make nail art and designs.

Nail Cosmetics:
Nail cosmetics stand for a form of self-adornment facilitating personal expressions affirmed by current fashion trends. The popularity of nail cosmetics is greatest amongst females. Forms of embellishments for the fingernails & toenails include artificial nails, nail polish, nail elongators, and nail treatment products. Out of all nail cosmetics, nail polish is perhaps the most popular one. It colors as well as glosses the nails and is applied to fingernails and toenails- not just adding to their beauty but as protective measures too. There are varieties of nail polish accessible with nail products suppliers. The natural or transparent colour nail polish is a transparent varnish that makes the nails appear, clean and glittery. It is either used to provide gloss by itself or to glitter the nail polish. The popular ones are colourful nail enamels in conventional colours like pink, red, brown or sophisticated shades like beige or soft pink & even the wild shades like black, green, and so on.

Another nail cosmetic includes the nail remover which is quite popular amongst females. As the name implies, the nail enamel or nail polish remover is used to do away with nail polish that has been applied on the nails. Although these are organic solvent, they may also contain scents, oils and coloring.

Nail Care Products:
These products include the one that looks after nails & care for the cuticles or the skin around the finger nails as well as toe nails. Hence, there are cuticle creams, nail moisturizers, cuticle remover, and so on. Cuticle cream prevents or corrects brittle nails & dry cuticles. Nail moisturizers are found in the form of lotions or creams & they often include ingredients like mineral oils, glycerin, alpha-hydroxy acids, etc. which help in tackling dry brittle nails. Cuticle removers are found in creams or liquid which soften & remove dead cuticles around the nails.

Nail Art Products:
In the world of fashion today, nail art and nail designs are the latest revolutionary concepts. Till lately, there were just airbrushes used as nail art tools to put images on finger nails. They were also implemented to make synthetic nail art that is later glued to nails. But now, one can obtain a comprehensive range of nail art products like nail art stripers, nail art canes, or slices, nail art decals stickers, or nail art pens.

The nail art canes can be segmented & embedded into nail polish as well as colored gels. They are implemented to form 3D nail art effects. The nail art pens are quite helpful nail design tools that facilitate a quick yet simple way to make artistic designs on nails. The nail art kits are found with nail polish applicator brush, nail art pens, art tips & designs as well as certain nail colors for making stunning designs. The nail art decals stickers are often used for quicker nail art designing. It can be used flat, sealed with top coat or clear acrylic.

Nail Growth Products:

There is a wide range of nail growth products that assist in preventing brittle nails, peeling, break up & chipping of nails. The ingredients of such products like calcium, protein, multi vitamins along with natural components like olive oil, aloe, flax seed oil, green tea, jojoba oil, vitamin e, and almond oil help to replenish weak, dehydrated nails & stop tearing or cracking and hence leading to proper growth of nails.

Nail Repair Products:
Apart from nail growth products to assist in repairing broken nails, there are some nail repair products too in the marketplace. The nail hardeners increase the strength of brittle nails, while nail bleach or whiteners remove nail stains & whiten them. The nail antifungal treatment solutions also do away with fungus & bacteria causing nail infections.