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5 Shoes You Must Add in Your Closet!

Usually we all keep on matching our different accessories with our outfits, but what about our shoes? Are there some specific types of shoes that one needs to match up with different attires and must have in her closet? Well, shoes add style to our looks and boost our confidence. So it can be nothing better than having a large closet full of vast variety of shoes. You can also do that! But these 5 shoe varieties are just are must to have in your closet.

Ballet Flats:

The maximum we go out is for casual affairs or for weekend shopping. Now what actually you want to offer your feet is something really comfortable yet stylish. Ballet flats are just the right pick for all such needs. There are endless choices to make with material, styles, colors, prints and more. The limit is endless to step out with maximum comfort with ballet flats.

Black Pumps:

Everyone wants to look like a glam diva on special occasions. A black pump in your closet can surely help you in justifying the look. It is one such pair of shoes that can be teamed up with any kind of outfit and you can flaunt your style with. However I recommend having both a black and a nude pump. The nude one is to lengthen your legs and black pump is to mix match with every outfit.

Summer Wedges:

Another way of flaunting your style factor is with summer wedges. Summer is all about going into short dresses and what’s better than show off your legs with a glamorous yet comfy pair of summer wedges. The plus factor with it is that you can look glamorous being into all your comfort. Sandals:

This is another category of jeans which is very popular among Hollywood celebrities. It is fitted till the knees but widens at ankle. Yes, it is broaden at the ankle part. Flare cut jeans are comfortable to wear anytime. Sneakers or heels compliment it.

Canvas Sneakers: When your mood is to step out with casuals, canvas sneakers is the best option to slip on into. These offer a casual yet stylish look. It’s simply the best option for the one’s heading for a busy and hectic schedule or when you are out for shopping or travelling. It’s a must have in every women’s closet to get that chic look and comfy style. There can be more variety of shoes to add up on the range. It totally depends on your style and preferences. So this summer step out with style.