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Women's Boots

Women’s boots are essentially becoming popular as chic fashion accessory. Boots are actually shoes that cover the feet as well as ankles, or extend up to the wearer’s knees. There are varieties of women’s fashion boots available in the market today. These include platform soles, buttoned, zippered closures, and spiked heels and so on.

Boots can be found in a variety of materials like leather, nubuck, suede, patent or sheepskin. Boots are considered as one of the must have fashion accessories in a woman’s wardrobe as they can be put on a number of occasions to either dress down or dress up the clothing. Boots can be put on while going to the office, lounging around the house, out on the own at night or out running tasks while dressed casually. If a woman owes a right ladies boot then she can complement any outfit.

Types of Boots: Ankle Boots: These feature moderate heels and typically have bootstraps. Ankle boots cover the feet & goes up to the ankles.

Thigh Boots: These feature thick outer soles and may also be comprised of leather. These boots can be worn in rain, snow or even skiing.

Knee Boots: These are available in leather, suede, fur, rubber etc. Women love to flaunt their persona by teaming it up with short sexy dresses or miniskirts.

Calf Boots: These are accessible in a number of prints and shades. These can also be found in a range of styles and are best paired with micro miniskirts as well as jeans.