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Women Fashion Sandals

When it comes to footwear for women, sandals play a vital role and can be easily seen in the closet of a woman. In the season of summer when the mercury is high, sandals work well as they are cool, comfy and stylish too. Although, these are mainly worn to get a chick look, but a lot of women also wear sandals to put a stop on fungal infection in the feet.

Before buying sandals for this season, let’s take a quick look at those types that are quite popular amidst women-

Thong sandals- These are very popular amidst women of all age groups. These women footwear have a thin strip where the big toe is placed in. These trendy sandals look best with outfits like shorts and skirts so that you can show off your ankle.

Beach Sandals- Women who love to explore the beauty of beaches can wear beach sandals as these sandals have adjustable straps at the ankle portion that provide utmost comfort, along with style.

Gladiators- These women sandals can be flats or with heels as well. Gladiators have rows of horizontal straps and these are basically inspired by ancient Roman style. Due to their unique and eye-catching look, these sandals are quite popular amongst women. This style of footwear goes well with skirts, jeans, shorts, and anything else in your closet.

Slides- Women who prefer maximum comfort can go for slides as they are free from straps. Slides look best with almost every outfit and become a fashion statement these days.

Flats- for women who want a pair of comfy shoes for the warm summer season, flats are the perfect answer. Most popular designs of these sandals feature strappy ones, jewels and beaded sandals to make them stand out.

Wedge Heel Sandals- To give the appearance of sexy legs, a pair of wedge heels make your legs look better as compared to normal heels. You can wear a nice pair of wedge heels with skirts, shorts and add elegance to your feet.