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Women Shoes

Shoes are an essential part of a woman’s overall personality. The shoes a woman select to wear and the way she maintains them leaves a great impression on other people. Shoes for women are an ideal way to express their fashion style. A beautiful pair of shoes can easily add a touch of perfection to any apparel. Modern females have now started experiments with emerging fashion trends. Nowadays, huge count of attractive ladies shoes, are available in market like shoes animal prints, velvet shoes, embroidered shoes, and footwear with fur, metal work, and so onwards. In brief, shoes for women are an ideal amalgamation of comfort and style.

Shoes for women can be divided into three main categories that are mentioned below:
  • Women Dress Shoes
  • Women Casual Shoes
  • Women Athletic Shoes

Women Dress Shoes Dress shoes are also named as formal shoes and liked by a number of women due to the factor of style and elegance. These shoes are mainly worn with formal dresses and available for workplace, festivals, parties and other events. Women dress shoes add an elegance to outfit and available in a range of designs, styles, colors and patterns. This kind of women footwear can be bought in moderate as well as high heels. Materials like fur, suede, synthetic, leather and other stuffs. Below mentioned are some of the popular types of dress shoes for ladies.

Ankle Strap Shoes
As the name indicates, these shoes come with straps at the ankle portion. These straps make you feel comfy and also add stylishness to your feet. Ankle straps provide extra breathability, comfort to feet and ideal for summer season.

T-Straps are also popular amid many women. These shoes come with moderate heels and have an upright strap that begins from toe region portion and ends at heel area. T-Straps are available in captivating colors, designs, and patterns.

Pumps are a kind of shoes that cover the foot area from all the sides except the top portion. Pumps are available with or without heels as well. Materials like thick cloth, leather, fiber, etc are used in the manufacturing of pumps.

Wedge Shoes
Wedge shoes are highly stylish heeled shoes for women. These shoes lift the entire foot that makes them more comfortable for wearer. These are stylish, stable and available in several colors and sizes. Apart from dresses, wedge shoes go well with almost all kind of apparels.

Women Casual Shoes Casual shoes for women are basically meant for informal occasions, but can be used for formal occasions as well. Listed below are the popular types of ladies casual shoes:

Flats, as the name sounds, are the shoes that have no heels and these do not elevate feet from the ground. These women shoes are designed to provide extra comfort and perfect for women who are afflicted with the problem of backache that escalates if they wear high heeled footwear.

Loafers are very comfortable and this style is free from straps, heels and shoelaces. These can go well with formal clothing.

Slingback Shoes
Slingback shoes are another popular type that is backless and is typified through a strap that crosses behind the ankle or heel. Slingbacks are available in a broad range of styles and it allows wearer to wear shoes without making manual adjustments.

Mules can be bought with or without heels as well. These women shoes cover the front portion of the foot while the backside is left open. These mainly crafted with leather and used by women for formal purposes and look best with trousers and jeans.

Women Athletic Shoes Athletic shoes are perfect for women who go to gym or involve into activities like walking, running, games playing, etc. Athletic shoes provide a great level of comfort and mainly liked by younger generation. The most popular types of athletic shoes are listed below.

Sneakers are also named as tennis shoes and these are available with or without shoelaces. These are mainly used while playing sports. Sneakers help you to ease your pressure from the feet area and make you feel comfy as compared to average shoes

Gym Shoes
Gym shoes are available in a range of designs and colors. As the name suggests, gym shoes are mainly worn by women during workouts.

Poolside Shoes/Pool Shoes
These are mainly worn outside swimming pools and come with anti-slip shoes.

Running Shoes
Running shoes are mainly worn by women who run or walk. These shoes have extra cushion inside sole that provide ample of comfort for long hours and also keep your feet from pain.